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6 exercises to relieve foot pain caused by walking a lot

The exercises to raise heels and toes, roll the ball, stretch help practice, massage the leg muscles, and reduce pain after much walking. According to doctors, people who walk a lot, women who wear high heels, stand for a long time are prone to heel and foot pain, affecting the body.

The following six exercises are recommended to help improve leg pain effectively.

Heel and toe lift

Everyone should sit comfortably. The soles of the feet touch the floor, then use the full force of the tiptoes and then lower. This move needs to be done 8-10 times and repeats about five sets, which can practice every day in free time.

Ball rolling exercise

To begin with, people need to sit firmly in a chair or on a bed without leaning back. Put a tennis ball on the soles of your feet, use your feet to roll the ball, try to keep the ball moving from foot to heel, and always keep your back straight when practicing. Do the exercise continuously for about 2-3 minutes for each leg and repeat the routine every day.

Stretch the tendons of the feet with a towel

Prepare to sit on the bed and put your legs lose. Place the sole of the affected foot in the center of the towel, with the other leg bent for propulsion. Then, everyone pulls the towel to the right of the body to feel the leg muscles stretch and maintain for about 10 seconds. This movement needs to be repeated 8-10 times per day.

Stretching the hamstring muscle

The affected leg is placed behind the unaffected leg. Hold your hands against a wall or other fixture, firm, and shoulder-width apart. Then, everyone leans against the wall, paying attention to keeping the injured leg straight with the heel and slightly bending the front knee. Maintain the pose for 10 seconds, repeat ten times and at least three times a day to improve the effect.

Heel tendon stretch

Rest your hands against a wall or other fixed object firmly, with your body leaning forward. The injured leg is moved to the back, and the other portion is slightly bent forward. Everyone needs to maintain this position for about 10 seconds, then stand up straight, relax the body, and repeat 20 times for each set.

Stretching the plantar fascia

The legs should place straight in front of you. Then, everyone grips the toes, pulling the bend toward the back of the foot. Hold the pulling position for about 10 seconds, repeat the movement three times.

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