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Methods to Relieve Muscle Pain When Practicing Sports

The phenomenon of muscle pain and body aches is a normal state that everyone has to go through when practicing sports. It is also the reason why many people stop exercising after only a few vigorous exercise sessions. If you know how to reduce muscle pain after exercise, you will easily maintain a regular exercise regimen to improve health and quickly improve your physique.

1. What causes muscle pain when exercising?

Exercising too much will cause muscle pain. This condition is also known as delayed onset myalgia. Some common causes of muscle pain during exercise include:

Muscle tension

Pain from excessive muscle tension related to exercise is quite joint, usually appearing after 1 or 2 days of intense exercise. It is caused by damage to tiny muscle fibers that are bent, twisted, and torn in muscles when overworked.

At the beginning of exercise, the body reacts suddenly due to increased activity, causing bones and joints to expand, causing pain. Usually, this muscle soreness lasts for about 72 hours, after which they will lessen the pain depending on the condition of each person.

Practicing wrong movements and techniques

Exercising with the wrong technique or overexertion can also cause muscle pain. With the mentality of wanting to do heavy exercises to tone the body quickly, many people suffer from muscle pain.

2. Muscle tension, muscle pain when exercising too much is worrying?

Having muscle pain after a workout is a pretty good sign that your muscles are getting ready for more exercise, so there’s no need to worry.

Therefore, after exercising and encountering pain, you should continue, reduce the intensity and duration of the exercise, limiting the performance of complex movements; when the body has stabilized, gradually adapt. Then gradually increase the level of training.

If the pain is too much to bear, you can stop the intense exercise. The muscles must rest and gradually recover. Then, practice progressively again with moderate exercise so that the body slowly adapts.

3. How to reduce muscle pain when exercising?

In the first 72 hours after exercise, the body will be sore, numb, challenging to move, so please do some of the ways below to reduce this condition.

  • Add water: Water is essential, especially when exercising or exercising a lot. If the body lacks water, it will lead to temperature disturbances, adversely affecting muscles and nerves. Therefore, drinking enough water is the simplest and most effective method of reducing muscle pain when exercising.
  • Soak the body in warm water: After a workout, soaking in warm water will help the body relax, blood circulation. It is recommended to soak in warm water every evening after a workout, maybe add a little salt. It is a simple, effective solution to reduce muscle pain after exercise.
  • Regular body massage: After each exercise session, it is recommended to spend about 10 minutes with muscle relaxation to avoid sudden muscle tension, affecting the training time later.
  • Apply ice to relieve pain: Ice helps slow blood circulation, relieve pain and fatigue quickly and effectively. This method is very suitable when the joints are swollen or burning after exercise. To apply, use a thin towel to wrap a few ice cubes and apply it to the painful area for about 10 minutes. The pain will reduce significantly.
  • Warm-up before exercise: Gentle warm-up before vigorous exercise is crucial to help the body get used to exercising intensity. Muscles are slowly expanded, reducing the risk of injury. It is recommended to warm up thoroughly at 10 minutes before starting to exercise for best results and reduce muscle pain after the training process is over.
  • Reduce intensity, duration of the exercise: Too much and too much exercise is one of the causes of muscle pain during exercising. In the first few days, the intensity of training should be moderate and short in duration. In particular, perform gentle exercises and increase the difficulty so that the muscles are gradually adapted.

In addition, you should also have a suitable exercise plan, avoid spending too much time on sports or exercising too much because it will make the body tired, the muscles do not have time to recover and develop.

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